Client Reviews:

“I am so incredibly thankful that I found Erica. I had an ectopic pregnancy before having my oldest daughter. So when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter following that experience I was hesitant to reach out and have pictures done. I am so happy I did though because the pictures Erica has captured of my family, now through 2 beautiful little girls, are my absolute favorite. They are real and beautiful and I will cherish them forever. Erica is just simply amazing. She has a beautiful gift to capture love and life to the fullest. She is so patient and good with children. I will forever be grateful to Erica. She truly pours her heart into her work and you won't be disappointed.”

“As a photographer myself, my expectations are always high of my own personal family sessions. We have used a few different photographers and they’ve all been great, BUT no one meets my expectations like Erica does. She is AMAZING with my kiddos, all four rambunctious boys. She even manages to get genuine smiles out of my “not so photogenic” husband. My children love her, and I just adore her. The galleries we receive bring tears to my eyes every time. She always hits it out of the park and brings love, life, and so much feeling into the images she delivers. She is worth every penny, every mile you have to travel, everything. If you want real images that tell a story, that give you all the feels, she is your girl.”

“I was just hoping to get a few “good” photos to frame in our home, but I got so so much more than that! Not only is every single image Erica shared absolutely beautiful, but they bring me to {happy} tears every single time I look at them. This pregnancy has been so so different than the perfect one I had with my son, and I have struggled with so many things along the way. As you know our bodies change so much while growing a beautiful human and while I am so grateful for it, it’s also been hard. I haven’t felt much like myself. These photos gave me life when I saw them- made me feel like some sort of pregnancy goddess inside and out and that is a priceless feeling at 33 weeks pregnant! I am truly speechless. We enjoyed our time with Erica so much and even my husband (who does not enjoy being photographed) admitted it was a great time and is in awe of the pictures. We are so looking forward to seeing her again in May and so many times there after now that she is stuck with us forever!”

“Erica is a truly gifted photographer. When you’re on a shoot with her, don’t feel like you have to perform in any way, but you just need to be. Occasionally she’ll give direction or change the location to mix things up, but it never feels unnatural or out of place. The result is ALWAYS in the form of authentic images that capture the essence of who the family is. She is the best.”